Marketing & Sales / Corporate convention / Mobile learning

This product is a Business Game, entirely designed with the client and developed for tablets (Mobile Learning). During the annual convention of ELIOR, 135 middle managers engaged in a Business Game, played on 8 different tablets over 24h.

The solution involves custom-made Mobile apps, with synchronization over the web for the competition to be followed in real time. The activities have been designed to reinforce the job-skills and behaviors over a short duration of time and with direct specialists’ feedback.


Presentation (French version): 

The game includes a total of eight activities organized in three different phases corresponding to the real business development phases. Each phase had to be played over a period of 45 minutes before being automatically locked. Within the frame of a Business Case, each team had to organize and make decisions related to their job and roles. Some activities involved company professional software. The game embedded the corresponding user interfaces in order to create a real-life experience.

The project has been recognized for the quality of its design (writing of the business case), for its usability during such a corporate event, and for the high level of engagement of all the participants during a short but fruitful period of time. The contents, compliant with the HTML5 standard, are ready for more conventional distribution via a LMS.

ELIOR and API-LEARNING presented the project development during the e-Learning Expo exhibition, held on the 23rd of march 2016.


Marketing & Sales / Corporate convention / Mobile learning