Closing the university-business gap: model of blended learning for the collaborative design of learning resources

(“Technology Enhanced Education”, R.Crepon, REES2015 conference, Dublin / Ireland, 07/15/2015) Full Text:  In this work-in-progress paper, we provide the first results obtained from a research project on the design of digital learning resources for blended learning in both academia and

Using common Learning Resources in Academia and Industry: From Practice to Theory

(“University Business Collaboration”, R.Crepon, SEFI2015 conference, Orléans / France, 07/01/2015) Poster:  Full Text:  The current paper is part of a general research work started in 2011. The research project is aiming to make explicit the assumptions and decisions for the

Description of an e-learning tutorial in geostatistics delivered at one university and at one company

(“Technology in Learning”, R.Crepon, SEFI2014 conference, Birmingham / UK, 09/17/2014) Full Text:  For the purpose of the investigation based on design research methodology, an e-learning tutorial in geostatistics has been designed, in real world settings and in collaboration with instructors from industry