Physics / System Behavior / Resonance Simulator

This simulator is a useful tool to illustrate oscillations of various systems. It supports explanations and gives all the necessary functions for individual training and practice!

It provides oscilloscope like displays to simulate the behavior of multiple body systems (1 and 2 degree of freedom). It includes auto-scale and memory features.

We can simulate both free and forced responses (excitation: force, displacement, excitation profile: sinus, shock, echelon).

We can set the mass, the initial position, the stiffness, the damping and the friction of each system. We can set the amplitude of the excitation.


  • Provider: Engineering School
  • Estimated time: up to the user
  • Language: French
  • Sound: No
  • Evaluation: No
  • Technology: 2D illustrations & graphics
  • Other: Contextual Definitions.
Physics / System Behavior / Resonance Simulator