Transporte sustenible (ganador de los e-Learning Excellence Awards)

This course is different from other traditional MOOCs in that it contains a Serious Game. This is a teaching tool that helps participants assimilate knowledge through practical application. IFP School and aPi-learning have thus designed a 2nd generation MOOC characterized by reinforced interactivity.

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The Serious Game is tailored to the MOOC and lasts three weeks. The completion rate was  1% compared to the total enrollment. This is already a very high value considering that the average completion rate for MOOCs is around 10%. The completion rate was 59% if only the active participants are considered (an active participant is a participant that completed at least one of the assignments). Even though the numbers that are presented are a result of multiple factors, it is impossible to deny the strong impact the Serious Game had on this MOOC.

  • Estimated time: 30 minutes overall
  • Language: English version
  • Sound: Yes
  • Evaluation: Yes (Quizz, Drag&Drop…)
  • Technology: 2D cartoon style design, 2D animations, compatible with all devices, including iOS systems
  • Other: Scores sent to the LMS, choosen avatars are saved all along the adventure.
Transporte sustenible (ganador de los e-Learning Excellence Awards)