Tailor-made services for a successful Digital Learning!

Since 2010, our services have been 100% oriented towards users and “business” managers.

The results are there! All our developments are still in use today.

Let us recapitulate the three main skills that make our difference: analysis, agility and rigor.

Analysis. Training is a means of disseminating knowledge and developing personal capacities, all in a sometimes complex legislative, industrial or technical environment. When thinking about training, it is of utter importance to understand the need: the need of training managers for the organization and ensuring the evolution of professional competencies, but also the needs of the “business” managers and learners. As every situation is unique, we accompany, give advice and create digital solutions relevant in the context of your institution’s strategy.

We understand engineering, science, marketing and sales.

Our consultants are drawn from the industry and have expertise in the field of education.

Our experience has been built up during our interventions with SMEs, research institutes, large companies and multinationals. More than 200,000 people have received training in 15 languages ​​around the world.

We work with international teams in English, French and Spanish, as well as with various industrial sectors (energy and transport, mining, optical and banking). From the chemical reaction to the definition of “multichannel” marketing campaigns, our practice is based on sound theories such as learning theories, multimedia learning and situated cognition.

We are publishers of all the components that constitute the Digital ecosystem: rapid learning, serious gaming, business gaming, simulators, mobile learning, customised web services and we promote new practices for in-class training.

Agility. A fashionable term that describes the ability of the body to adapt and respond to its physical environment as well as to computer development methodologies. When it comes to training, how many people are rejoicing at a last-minute change that involves re-recording a text or changing an illustration?

We are always looking to improve our products when change is an added value for the user. We work in short and iterative loops with the “business” managers. We do not hinder the change; on the contrary, we facilitate it in order to provide you with what nobody else has so far.

Our exchanges are focused and efficient in order to save you time. Mobilising your specialists on futile subject matters is out of the question.

Our working methods are adapted to the typology of knowledge.

Our technologies are adapted to the needs. HTML5 (JavaScript, Angular 2, Bootstrap, Ionic…), professional tools for 2D / 3D graphics and audio-visual development.

Rigor. Agility and rigor are not two antagonistic terms. On the contrary, rigor is a necessary condition for agility. The follow-up of a training project must be rigorous: rigorous to comply with specifications, to be faithful to the terminology and representations of the “business”, rigorous to respect the quality level and set deadlines.

Our project management is transparent and efficient.

The work progress is available at any time with the provision of a staging area for example.

We anticipate the risks and put them under control.

We guarantee our development free of charge for a period of 3 to 6 months after delivery.

We are where you expect us to be. We are punctual to meetings and deliver on time!

API-LEARNING masters the most advanced technologies for training.

API-LEARNING supports, advises and creates.

Open Your Mind. Open Your Future.

Tailor-made services for a successful Digital Learning!