Is your training effective in technical fields?

The Blog on Innovative Didactics in Engineering is now OPEN.

From 2009 I dedicate my work to make learning in Engineering and Science more attractive and more effective. My motivation is to make learning beneficial for the learner during his entire professional life: Knowledge to grow at work, Knowledge to grow personally. This is the reason of the slogan “Open Your Mind. Open Your Future.”.

Innovation is key in the industry. We will all agree. Now, it is more difficult to share a common definition of Innovation and where Innovation creates more value in the Business life. I would argue that Innovative approaches should be promoted to support strategic resources and capabilities. That is the reason why Innovative Didactics should be promoted to support Technical Knowledge Acquisition & Expertise Development among employees in Engineering companies. As a result, Innovation (“out of the box” thinking) would naturally diffuse to the way people imagine their work.


Starting October 2011, aPi-learning and its Partners will support a global PhD Investigation work on Innovative Didactics in Engineering Companies*. Many questions have to be asked, and some will have to be analyzed very carefully.  What are the fundamental competencies required in engineering works? How to identify a need for training in technical matter? Why and which technology would be a plus in technical learning? What would be the right mix between traditional and virtual learning? Which part of business organization is a catalyzer or a barrier for the application of technology in formal training? For which economic benefits?


Thematic discussions will be launched soon. What subject matters to you? Please, don’t hesitate to share your professional experience, your views and even anecdotes on that topic (


*for contributing to the Doctoral study, to be surveyed or to have limited access to the work, please contact

Is your training effective in technical fields?